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Make sure it gets done right!

There are few things that can do more damage than water and sewer problems. CLS knows what needs to happen so things don’t “happen” later.

It isn’t the sort of thing you want to have to worry about, but planning ahead can save you thousands of dollars down the line. CLS prides itself in doing things right the first time. Our water and sewer services change with each and every project. We work closely with engineers and plumbing professionals to make sure that everything flows according to plan… literally!


Sewer and Wastewater Services:

  • Level IV septic installer
  • Residential and commercial installation
  • Storm drainage
  • Manhole installation
  • Catch basin and junction box installation


Let’s get started!


If you are considering building on the edge, or anywhere in between, CLS can help ensure your next project is built on a solid foundation. We can also help you determine where to build and show you how to maximize site opportunities and address any potential challenges.


Contact us today to learn more about our site preparation and custom concrete services and capabilities.


CLS Inc.


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