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Your foundation is only as solid as the ground it stands on. CLS takes care of that too.

Building a solid foundation for your residential or commercial project starts with a solid site assessment that takes into consideration slope and elevation, bedrock and other potential site challenges, erosion and drainage measures, and optimal siting for views.

CLS works with site engineers, architects, contractors and homeowners during the initial planning phases to ensure site excavation minimizes environmental impacts while maximizing structural integrity, functionality and beauty. We offer complete site work services. CLS ensures cost and schedule efficiencies by digging the best foundations before laying them, avoiding the costly fixes and delays often encountered when using separate excavation and foundation contractors.

Road Development

  • Roads & driveways
  • Path clearing & grubbing
  • Import/export of soil
  • Engineered slope construction
  • Backfill for retaining walls
  • Grading & rough through curb
  • Hardscaping

Erosion control/drainage

  • Slope stabilization
  • Retaining walls of any size
  • Ditches & culverts
  • Stormwater & drainage
  • Raingarden & wetlands
  • Mulching & berming
  • Landscape shaping & terracing

Sewer & Wastewater

  • Level IV septic installation
  • Residential or commercial
  • Storm drainage
  • Manhole installation
  • Catch basin & junction box installation
Dig & Dirt Services

CLS provides complete road and path services that make properties and developments both accessible and beautiful. We work with site engineers to create the most efficient road and path systems for optimal site usage and safety. Whether helping homeowners with their daily commute or supporting university students through ADA accessible sidewalks and road crossings, CLS’s roads and paths are always well traveled.

We address water flow issues both before and after site preparation. We employ a variety of erosion control and drainage measures to minimize the impact of site disturbance to ensure your grading, foundation and landscape features stay put.

Our excavation and foundation work minimizes land impacts wherever possible, working with nature instead of against it. CLS’s careful approach protects your investment and the environment, and provides a solid foundation for many years to come.

There are few things that can do more damage than water and sewer problems. We knows what needs to happen so things don’t “happen” later.

It isn’t the sort of thing you want to have to worry about, but planning ahead can save you thousands of dollars down the line. Our water and sewer services change with each and every project. We work closely with engineers and plumbing professionals to make sure that everything flows according to plan… literally!

Our Appalachian mountains are some of the oldest mountains in the world. We understand and work with the natural forces that have shaped our terrain over the years.

Throughout site clearing, preparation and construction, we use environmentally responsible methods that preserve the integrity of the land while providing the most stable foundation for site construction and long-term use. Our environmental approach minimizes waste, improves erosion control, preserves natural features, and can be more cost effective than traditional approaches.