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Sometimes the road is less traveled because it wasn’t built right.

CLS provides complete road and path services that make properties and developments both accessible and beautiful. We work with site engineers to create the most efficient road and path systems for optimal site usage and safety. Whether helping homeowners with their daily commute or supporting university students through ADA accessible sidewalks and road crossings, CLS’s roads and paths are always well traveled.


Road and path services


  • Demolition of asphalt and concrete
  • Road and driveway repair and redesign
  • Path clearing and grubbing
  • Import/export of soil
  • Engineered slope construction
  • Backfill for retaining walls
  • Grading, rough through curb
  • Culverts
  • Bridges
  • Hardscaping


Let’s get started!


If you are considering building on the edge, or anywhere in between, CLS can help ensure your next project is built on a solid foundation. We can also help you determine where to build and show you how to maximize site opportunities and address any potential challenges.


Contact us today to learn more about our site preparation and custom concrete services and capabilities.


CLS Inc.


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