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Our retaining walls stand up to nature’s challenges.

CLS can provide site excavation and grading services that minimize the need for retaining walls and costly erosion control measures. When retaining walls are necessary to maintain slope integrity, prevent erosion, and ensure safety, we can construct a variety of retaining wall systems to meet your project needs.

Whether you are reinforcing a sloped driveway, embankment or mountain roadway, CLS can help you develop beautiful solutions for some of nature’s more challenging problems.


Retaining wall services


  • Poured concrete walls
  • Segmental retaining walls
  • Boulder retaining walls
  • Wall repair and reinforcement
  • Geogrid reinforced slope construction


CLS also provides concrete construction services for foundations, hardscapes, bridges and other custom projects.


Retaining Walls

Concrete segmented retaining wall block were used to replace a rotting timber retaining wall that dated back 20 years and that had the parking area in danger of falling away down the steep slope below. The entire area was excavated to a depth approximately 15’ below existing grade to reach structurally suitable soil for the foundation of the wall to rest on. Soil was stockpiled on site, and reused to construct the wall.  All materials had to be carried up with a multi-terrain tracked loader due to the steep slope of the driveway. Adding to the complications of the site restrictions, an existing building was salvaged by using an all-terrain crane to lift it and place it above the work area, and then replaced in the same manner upon completion of the new wall. New asphalt and drainage was installed to insure that water was directed away from trouble areas and where it would do no damage.


Let’s get started!


If you are considering building on the edge, or anywhere in between, CLS can help ensure your next project is built on a solid foundation. We can also help you determine where to build and show you how to maximize site opportunities and address any potential challenges.


Contact us today to learn more about our site preparation and custom concrete services and capabilities.


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