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Your foundation is only as solid as the ground it stands on. CLS takes care of that too.



Building a solid foundation for your residential or commercial project starts with a solid site assessment that takes into consideration slope and elevation, bedrock and other potential site challenges, erosion and drainage measures, and optimal siting for views.

CLS works with site engineers, architects, contractors and homeowners during the initial planning phases to ensure site excavation minimizes environmental impacts while maximizing structural integrity, functionality and beauty. We offer complete site work services. CLS ensures cost and schedule efficiencies by digging the best foundations before laying them, avoiding the costly fixes and delays often encountered when using separate excavation and foundation contractors.


Dig and dirt services


  • Site assessments
  • Earth excavation and removal
  • Site clearing and underbrush removal
  • Rough and final grading
  • Storm drainage
  • Geogrid reinforced slope installation
  • Road and path development
  • Erosion control

Once the ground has been prepared, CLS builds cast-in-place concrete foundationsretaining wallsbridges and concrete structures and hardscapes for residential and commercial projects of all sizes.


Let’s get started!


If you are considering building on the edge, or anywhere in between, CLS can help ensure your next project is built on a solid foundation. We can also help you determine where to build and show you how to maximize site opportunities and address any potential challenges.


Contact us today to learn more about our site preparation and custom concrete services and capabilities.


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